All About M Sand

Manufactured sand, commonly called MSand is mostly obtained from hard rocks (such as granite) using the  art technology. Its overwhelming advantage over the river sand had not only made it the most sought after aggregate over any other by the Construction sectors. In recent years, it has become the “Go-To” aggregate by not only the quality conscious builders but also the environmentally aware ones.

The demand for MSand has grown exponentially over the past few years partly due to the demand of a high quality sand and the dearth of the river sand, and also due to governmental policies for restricting the usage of river sand to a very large extent.

The exploitation of river sand and its subsequent restrictions has ushered in the usage of MSand which is not only readily available, easy to transport but also it is economically viable in myriad ways

Lowering Construction Defects

Construction defects that commonly happens during placement and post-concreting (such as segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids and capillaries) is reduced by the use of MSand.  It has an optimum initial and final setting time as well thereby providing consistency in the quality of the construction.

Low Cost

The MSand is readily available and the overall costs are minimal compared to the river sand. This is in large part to our state of the art manufacturing process here at PS Blue Metals.


They are free from elongated and flaky particles as they are cubically shaped using VSI shaping machines. It tend to provide high tensile strength and longevity, which are extremely critical components in construction sector.

The MSAND has perfect grading with cubicle shape, therefore it provides 10 – 15% more compressiive strength for concrete mixes and 25 – 30% more strength for masonry works compared to other aggregates

The MSand maintains higher rate of water absorption and retention of concrete mixes, thereby helping in providing consistent quality throughout batches.

MSand has a higher FMI index (Fines Modules Index). This provides a good workability for concrete and masonry, which in turn helps in easy and quick construction processes.


The usage of manufactured sand prevents dredging of river beds to get river sand which may lead to environmental disasters like water depletion, water scarcity, threat to the safety of bridges, dams etc.,

We, here at PS Bluemetals care about quality.  We perform the following tests at regular intervals and periodically so that the final product that you receive is of very high quality.