Kemco Sand, commonly called SSand is mostly obtained from hard rocks (such as granite) using the  art technology. Its overwhelming advantage over the river sand had not only made it the most sought after aggregate over any other by the Construction sectors. In recent years, it has become the “Go-To” aggregate by not only the quality conscious builders but also the environmentally aware ones.

The demand for Kemco Sand has grown exponentially over the past few years partly due to the demand of a high quality sand and the dearth of the river sand, and also due to governmental policies for restricting the usage of river sand to a very large extent.

The exploitation of river sand and its subsequent restrictions has ushered in the usage of Kemco Sand which is not only readily available, easy to transport but also it is economically viable in myriad ways.

Lowering Construction Defects

Construction defects that commonly happens during placement and post-concreting (such as segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids and capillaries) is reduced by the use of Kemco Sand.  It has an optimum initial and final setting time as well thereby providing consistency in the quality of the construction.

Low Cost

The Kemco Sand is readily available and the overall costs are minimal compared to the river sand. This is in large part to our state of the art manufacturing process here at PS Blue Metals.


Makes high quality crushed sand superior to natural sand

The Kemco SAND has perfect grading with cubicle shape, therefore it provides 10 – 15% more compressiive strength for concrete mixes and 25 – 30% more strength for masonry works compared to other aggregates

The Kemco Sand maintains higher rate of water absorption and retention of concrete mixes, thereby helping in providing consistent quality throughout batches.

Kemco Sand has a higher FMI index (Fines Modules Index). This provides a good workability for concrete and masonry, which in turn helps in easy and quick construction processes.

PS BlueMetals - The Best MSAND manufacturing unit in chennai


The usage of superior sand prevents dredging of river beds to get river sand which may lead to environmental disasters like water depletion, water scarcity, threat to the safety of bridges, dams etc.,

We, here at PS Bluemetals care about quality.  We perform the following tests at regular intervals and periodically so that the final product that you receive is of very high quality.

PSAND is naturally occuring aggregate that is highly granular that has fine rock and mineral particles.  It provides the structure in most of plaster constructions and the quality of PSAND can make a huge difference in the outcome of the construction.

A high quality plaster must be sharp with a high diversity in particle sizes and must be super clean.  The importance of cleanliness of PSAND cannot be overrated. Bucket type sand washers can improve the sand quality by washing out any tiny, unnecessary stone powders and other impurities mixed in the sand that is obtained from natural sources or from sand makers like sand cone or VSI.

We at PS Blue Metals adopt a strict quality standards when it comes to PSAND and we do it through the utilization of state of the art machinery.  Our PSAND meet highest IS standard requirements of gradation in the final output.

The output of our sand washers has high-washing quality, reasonable heaviness with large output capacity, not to mention lower energy consumption with very little loss of sand during this washing process.

PSand is usually manufactured from “GRIT”, which essentially is defined as any aggregate that is below 6mm and that is a byproduct of a stone crusher. The sand plant is is specially designed to manufacture PSAND from the grit. That is then sieved and serrated through metal plates.  

The Dust Free Plastering Sand is the ones that has a surface area of micro fine dust which is approximately 400 Sq Ft per 1Kg of dust in its area.  The greater the surface area, the more it can hold water to cement ratio.

Quality Control

Our PSAND is tested multiple times during the day batch-wise so the quality is homogenous over long period of time. This ensures that our product has superior quality than our competitors, not to mention the fact that, our PSAND per Metric Ton costs less than the market, simply because we use state of the art manufacturing processes and the delivery mechanisms are software driven so that the supply chain management is smooth and highly cost effective to the consumers.

PSAND must be hard, durable, clean and free from organic substances, clay, silt and dust. The sand must not have any harmful impurities such as iron, alkali earth metals, salt, coal, mica shale or any other materials, shell, or for that matter any other impurities that can be detrimental to the hardening processes or poor appearance of the paster or can eventually corrode the structure or to be corrosive to metal lathing etc.,

Crusher Dust is made of a mixture of small crushed rocks and other fine aggregates, therefore it is able to provide a strong and sturdy surface.  DUST is an aggregate that is usually used for parking lots, highway construction, pipe bedding works and so much more.

Being a developing country, we are under enormous pressure to replace fine aggregates in concrete by using alternatives without totally compromising the quality of the concrete.

The crusher DUST, satisfies this criteria and they serve significantly by being the best alternative for sand at lower cost.  From the results of various experimental investigations conducted, it is concluded that the quarry dust can be used as a replacement for fine aggregate.

PS BlueMetals - The Best MSAND manufacturing unit in chennai

One of the findings is that, about 40% replacement of fine aggregate by quarry dust gives maximum result in strength than regular concrete. Quarry dust is a byproduct of the crushing process which is highly suitable for concreting purposes, especially as fine aggregates.

The studies done conclusively asserts the fact that, there is a  consistent increase in the strength of plain concrete when natural sand is fully replaced by quarry dust. As the quantity of water increase in the mixture, the compressive strength decreases when replaced with quarry dust. This is due to the water absorption property of quarry dust.

Strength of the concrete is mainly dependent on bonding of the fine aggregates which fills the voids between the coarse aggregates.  Crusher dust requires less water than other alternatives and have excellent load bearing capabilities, durability as well as being fire, heat resistant, and other corrosive elements such as non-plastic, alkaline earth metals while exposed to moisture, thereby making it an ideal material to use in construction.

The results proved that up to 40% replacement of sand by the quarry dust induced higher compressive strength and the workability of concrete decreases as replacement increases. Thus the environmental effects and waste can be significantly reduced.

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