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About Our Founder

One immediate affectation when writing about an individual is either offering a reductionist or an effusive viewpoint – both are blasé with a tinge of jaded quality.  With a certainty, to those who know him well would, no doubt expresses the extraordinarily vivid life he has lived thus far.  It might be better to portray that this is an inquiry into the privacy and reticence of a very self-contained man.  Though, Mr. Subramani Perumal, has had his origin in humble beginnings during his formative years, his singular influence in this business had been his father who was in all sense a mentor to him.

PS BlueMetals - The Best MSAND manufacturing unit in chennai

Mr. Perumal Gounder, who himself started out with almost nothing, but with an attitude of derring-do build a business had nurtured his dreams and had put forth something extraordinary that changed the landscape of the Aggregate industry to say the least.What makes Mr. Subramani Perumal’s life impressive is that he was never someone who compromised his ideals and never stopped polishing his own renowned wit to a diamond-hard edge. This single-mindedness and the consistent drive for excellence, combined with a commitment to almost dogmatic belief on the welfare of his staff and others, is the ultimate result of his 40 years of legacy in this industry.

He never once lost his enthusiastic approach and one rarely sees this frisson from great industrialists. Yet despite, or perhaps because of, the early infusion of lessons learnt through his experience, he is innately opposed to any form of nepotism, and believes in equal opportunity for all. That is a source of constant motivation for every single one of those who work in PS BlueMetals – to strive to become or achieve something not to mention his renowned industriousness at this age is a constant source of pride for all.

As the cliché goes, “the data speaks for itself”. Forty years ago, when he started out, he was hardly achieving production of 200 MT a day – now his units do at least 2,500 MT.  This is a no mean feat. Not only that, the growth levels of staff is astronomical where today as has reached almost 500 and given that PS Bluemetals has TamilNadu’s first fully-automated M Sand manufacturing unit.  What is not obvious is that the assiduous and consistent leadership that is needed over a long period of time to bring such levels of growth, given this industry is filled with fluctuating success and failures.

We are using Modomines Quarry &Crusher Automation ERP software for past three years, we have seen significant growth in our production and sales , I can tell that once they give this software a chance I probably in all likelihood would not need anything else to maintain your entire quarry and crusher units, ever they have designed it with user in mind not hang up with technology stuff. I truly believe that my investment in this software is worthy and that I may even be able to get back whatever I have invested in this software well within the allotted time frame.

When Mr. Subramani Perumal started out, there was no lavish, state-of-the-art crushers as we have now, and there was none when he started out in this industry.  Through his single minded doggedness he built PS Bluemetals and became partners for companies like Chennai Mines at Hosur as well as Salem Mines in Chennai to name a few.

One must look at the body of work, to at least understand how fast the growth had come about.  Just this past few years with the infusion of  state of the art technology and software has been utilized to propel company’s growth significantly.

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PS BlueMetals - The Best MSAND manufacturing unit in chennai

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